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Limbo Audio re-design

A re-design of all the sound from a section of Limbo, using Wwise



I am a game audio designer, sound designer, and musician based in New York City, originally from Barnsley, UK. I’m studying for a Master’s degree in Music Technology and in my spare time I volunteer as an Associate Editor with the International Game Developers Association in NYC.

I’ve been a gamer since my Sega Mega-Drive (Genesis) back in the ‘90s, when game audio was a lot simpler, but still carried the same concepts. I love how the sound of classic games can still hold up in a world of high-definition, ultra-realistic sounds; it goes to show the principles of good sound design are just as relevant today, even though the tools and technology have changed.

As a lifelong musician, I’ve always been drawn to sound. Usually, the games and movies with the best sound design ended up being my favorites. Sound from all forms of media has had such a profound effect on me from a very young age, and I now I strive to produce that effect for an audience by using sound in partnership with all the other moving parts, whether it be linear or interactive media.



M.M. Candidate in Music Technology — New York University Steinhardt (US)

Professional Certificate in Game Audio Design and Production — Berklee College of Music (US)

B.A. (Hons) Popular Music — Huddersfield University (UK)

A Level Music Technology — Barnsley College (UK)



Grade 5 Music Theory — Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (with distinction)

Performance Certificate in Drums — Rockschool (with distinction)

Grade 8 Drums — Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (with distinction)



what i do

sound design

Create unique assets using personal field recordings, foley, synthesis, and sound effect libraries. I pride myself on giving attention to the finest details, along with a focus on the vital factors of emotion and the feel of a project.


Half of game audio is implementation. Putting the sound assets to good use directly into a game engine or through audio middleware is how I strive to further engage the player.

mixing and mastering

Ensuring a find blend between all audio assets to balance the experience is as important as the whole creation process. I take time to ensure that all the audio has its space based on its importance.


I strive for perfection in every sound and I love what I do. I handle projects with pristine care, whether they be individual or collaborative. With me, you get an organized, dedicated sound designer with a lifelong passion for video games and movies.

software proficiency

Pro Tools, Reaper, Adobe Audition, Audacity, Wwise, FMOD, Unity.

other software skills

Max/MSP, Adobe Premiere Pro, C# Audio Scripting, Microsoft Office Suite.



mfishersound@gmail.com | (631) 575-6249

Please drop me a line if you would like to collaborate on a project. Let me help you and your team achieve the best possible results.

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